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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions about how our service can work for your animal hospital

What is My Vet Services?
My Vet Services is a cloud-based software package for animal hospitals and veterinary clinics.  The service is essential during the current public health crisis but also offers features your clients will love at all times.  If clients are using the parking lot as a waiting room, many challenges are created.  Confusion and busy  phone lines being the most common.   Your clients love their smartphones almost as much as their pets, so we let them check-in with their phone and receive text messages from your staff.   This keeps staff off the phones and helps streamline the visit.  Clients will also be able to see their place in line. 


With My Vet Services, we eliminate most phone calls for situations like:
Check-in, status updates (am I next?), logistical calls telling them to meet you at the door, estimate reviews, payment links, etc. All these messages can be sent in seconds and are delivered via text to your client's phone. In fact, we feel the only phone call should be between the doctor and client while examining their four-legged family member while clients aren't allowed in the building. 
Office staff will have a unique dashboard list showing them just who's waiting and what they're waiting for.  This mobile friendly list can also be accessed by your other staff including techs or even your doctors.  
In addition to the check-in option, My Vet Services allows your clients to request prescription refills online in advance.  These requests show up on your dashboard each day and can be reviewed by your doctor prior to filling. Once filled, we automatically notify your client via e-mail that their prescription is ready for pickup or drop it in the mail.   Still sitting there after a few days? Click a button and they are reminded via another email.
Does this replace our current software?
No!  You don't have to go through the hassle of switching veterinary practice management software. 
My Vet Services is a simple and easy to use add-on that will enhance any existing software.  You don't have to hassle with switching to something new, importing records or anything like that.  And since clients enter the data upon check-in, there's no duplicate data entry for you.  We set up the new features and you're off and running in no time with webinar based training provided. 
How much does it cost?
We have a solution for single or multi-clinic locations and have our pricing listed here based on how many locations you'd like to service. 
For single clinics it’s just $150 a month with a one-time setup fee of $249.  For companies with 2-9 clinics your price is reduced to only $140 a month per clinic with a one-time setup fee of just $149 per clinic.   
Our service includes 5,000 text messages to send to your clients for the month, a number you likely won't even come close to or need overages. We also allow you to view the clinic dashboard on 5 screens simultaneously included in the base price.  
All setup fees include custom installations and configuration for each location. 
If your organization has 10 or more clinics we can provide special discounted rates.  Please schedule an online meeting, or call Tom Hanberg at 562-308-1483 for more information. 
Our software includes use for unlimited veterinarians at your clinic, unlimited patients, and unlimited support and web-based training.
How can I get a personal demo for my company?
We would be happy to offer you an online demo and discuss how My Vet Services can work for your practice whether you have one or dozens of locations. 
To select a time click here.  
You can always call us at 562-308-1483 and if our consulting team is available we'd be happy to give you an on the spot demo anytime!
Can the service be customized for my clinic(s)?
Absolutely.  We understand that every clinic is not the same.   We setup each installation of our software specifically for your clinic so if you would like to change the text of a question we ask on the check-in form, want to change messaging options, or just want to enhance an existing feature, we can help. 
When we setup your account we'll give you your custom web address, add your logo, input all of your clinic information, etc.   This and certain customization requests are included in our one-time setup fee.  If you have additional customization needs, just ask us for a quote.  
Will my clients want to use this service?
With 96% of Americans owning a cellphone,  apps and the mobile web are becoming a part of everyday life.  My Vet Services uses a simple mobile-friendly webpage that your clients can go to for check-in and prescription refill requests. There's no app to download and no accounts to create, so it's quick and easy for your clients.
Our services will streamline your client's visit and keep them informed along the way.   
We also can provide window signs (via PDF) that each clinic can download with QR codes for those clients that walk up to your door.  Many of our clients create metal (weatherproof) signs for their parking lot.  We believe these benefits for the client combined with the popularity of mobile devices will encourage your pet loving clients to participate.
If they don't want to, they don't have to.   Your staff can still take phone calls for check-ins or prescription refills.   You can even enter their data yourself into the system to easily keep track of all your clients in one place regardless of how they arrived.
What about after the pandemic?
While My Vet Services was created to be helpful during the COVID-19 global pandemic, our service includes great features your clients will love when we all get back to normal. 
Let your clients check-in from home and see how long the wait is.  Clients can arrive at your clinic, check-in, and take their dog for a walk while they monitor their position in line.  As you know, even appointment clinics can run behind. 


There's also many comfort and convenience benefits valid anytime.  Help your pets with fear free visits by allowing them to wait outside the waiting room.  This is great for fearful animals, aggressive animals, contagious animals or even in the sad instance of a pet euthanasia allowing your clients to spend those last special moments alone with their pet. 


Of course prescription refill requests will always be a useful service -- pandemic or not.  Our services will help make your clinic more streamlined and efficient for both your office staff and your clients for years to come and we're constantly adapting and upgrading the software for the world situations. 
Do you provide training?
Of course!  Our software is simple and easy to use for both your clients and your staff. 
We still want to get you started off at 100% from day one so we will schedule an online webinar training session with anyone that would like to participate from your clinics. 
We know schedules are hectic, so lunchtime, evening and weekend appointments can be arranged.  You'll be up and running in no time. 
Does your software integrate with eVet Practice, Hippo Manager, ImproMed, etc.?
You don't need to replace your current veterinary practice management software.  We enhance your existing offerings with new features.  Our service is an add-on that works with any software.  And there's no duplicating data entry either.
My Vet Services is brand new.  It was created by a team of dedicated programmers and animal lovers in response to the current COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. 
We are already working on additional features post pandemic, including options of integration to other veterinary software practice management systems.  Please contact us to speak with our team about additional integration options. 
Our clinic already has a website. Does this service work for me?
Yes, we can integrate our service easily with your current website and you can  add links to our features for a smooth transition.  We have technical support staff that can happily assist you with any integrations or links at launch time. 
Can this service help me collect payments from our clients? We are not accepting cash.
Yes.   Our service now includes a special payment gateway for collecting payments online.  If you currently are accepting online payments you can simply text the credit card payment link to your client and they can pay online. You can also send instructions on how to pay with Care Credit or PayPal.  
If you're not yet setup with online payments, don't worry.  Our service includes a payment gateway which we will integrate into your client dashboard.   You'll just need an online merchant account which we can help you establish or you can likely use your existing one.   You'll be able to generate and text a customized payment link with their amount due so they can easily pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  
What phone number will my messages to the client be sent from?
When you send a message to your client from our dashboard it will show up on their phone as a regular phone number.
You have two options.
1) You can have us assign you a random phone number from your area code
2) You can use our hosted SMS feature, which allows you to have the messages come through with your regular clinic phone number. This option is great because you don’t even have to change anything with your business phone service at all.  
Please note that phone number verification and approval for hosted SMS takes a few extra days to setup. We can get you going with a random number at first to start quickly.
Do I have to sign a contract term? Can I sign one for discounts?
Our services are month to month and you must cancel 5 days prior to your automatic renewal date to avoid the next months charge.   
If you'd like to sign an annual agreement we are working on a discount plan that will be announced soon. 
We're pretty sure you and your clients will love our services and you'll want to continue the convenience for years to come. 
Please note setup fees are not refundable.  
I love your service! Can I refer someone?
Absolutely.  If you refer someone you and your referral will get a discount of $50 off their first or next billing. 
Any referral must mention your name or clinic name on their signup form to get credit.  Please note that no referral credit can be applied after a clinic has already signed up. 
Are you hiring?
Yes, we are.  We are currently looking for animal loving, technology geeking sales representatives to join the Skyhound Internet team in marketing My Vet Services to animal hospitals nationwide. 
To apply, visit our company on Indeed or E-mail for more details.