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COVID-19 has changed veterinary visits

Veterinarian clinics evolved during COVID-19.  Simple visit check-ins became a challenge.  We developed a mobile check-in and messaging option for veterinary hospitals that offered relief during the pandemic and has become the new normal as society returns to a pre-pandemic world.

Easily add our service to your existing software

Mobile Device Check in

Clients check-in from your hospital, their car, or even from home using a mobile device.  They can see their place in line, too. 

Online Refill Requests

Keep your staff off the phone.  Clients can go to your website and request prescription refills for pickup or mailing from the comfort of their home.

Clinic Dashboard

With our unique dashboard, your clinic staff will be able to see who’s checked in, what they’re waiting for, and text message them with updates. You can even send payment request links.

Fully Customizable

We fully customize each clinic installation and you don’t have to change your current veterinary practice management software. You also have the ability to accept mobile payments if you’d like. 

Add Convenience For Your Clients 

Have your clients check-in and view them on your clinic dashboard.  Let your clients check-in on their mobile device and easily send messages to your their phone.  Let them know when their turn is up, or they can monitor their place in line on their phone. Send customized credit card payment links to make it easier for them to pay for services and lessen congestion at your reception lines.  No apps to download, it’s super simple for everyone!

Get a unique overview of the days business 

Get a simple dashboard overview of your practice each day.  Who’s waiting to see a doctor, pickup a prescription,  and what they are waiting for.  We can also collect information about COVID exposure, vehicle type and more.   View a hospitalization and boarding section for animals in your care, and more.   Audible and visual alerts notify you when of new check-ins or messages arrive.

Want More Information?


We’d love to speak to you about our new solution for veterinary clinics and animal hospitals.  Please call us at 562-308-1483, schedule a demo by clicking here, or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to talking to you!


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    How It Works

    This is how it can work for you and your clients and their furry friends

    When your clients arrive they can check-in on their mobile device where they'll be able to see their place in line. Check-in is quick and easy. No accounts to create, no apps to download.

    Your staff  keeps track of clients throughout the visit and will be alerted that a new furry friend has arrived.

    We'll supply window signs with a scannable QR code for clients to easily get to their check-in page.   View Sample Check-In Screen.

    With telephone check-in it's a challenge to manage your patients when they're not in the building.   Forget post-it  notes and file shuffling. There's a new way.  Manage office visits, boarding,  and prescription refill requests on an easy to read dashboard.


    Your office staff is in control with a complete overview of who's waiting and what they're waiting for. You'll receive pleasant audible and visual alerts when someone checks in or sends a message. While moving about the clinic, staff can use their mobile device or a computer to keep track and contact clients.   View Sample Dashboard.

    Countless phone calls for prescription refill requests can needlessly tie up your staff.   We help you eliminate phone calls for not only client check in, but prescription refill requests.

    When a client needs a prescription refill, they can simply go to your website and request it online.  Your staff is instantly notified of all requests and can process them accordingly.


    When a refill is requested or completed, your client gets notified via email with just a click. When it's time to pick up the refill, there's a special check-in option for  medication pickup. Prescriptions can also be mailed to them as well.  View Prescription Refill Request Screen. 

    Text messaging your clients is built into the clinic dashboard.  Once a client is checked in, they'll get an automatic Thank you message.  And it's easy for your staff to message them to let them know they're up next, or send them a customized credit card payment link to collect payment.

    Optional two-way messaging allows your clients to message back.   Our goal is to reduce the number of phone calls.   After all, the most important call remains the doctor consultation which is not meant to be eliminated.    View Messaging Example.

    Are you trying to accept credit card payments over the phone? Calling your client, writing down the credit card number, manually entering it at the terminal, then having to shred the paper to stay PCI compliant? 

    We have a better way!  My Vet Services allows you to send a payment request to your client right from your MVS dashboard so they can securely enter their credit card information and pay for their services.   You'll have a complete listing of all your transactions through our included transaction gateway.  

    We don't replace your current software-- we enhance it! Easily add our features with no hassle.

    View Pricing Information

    We have simple, up-front pricing and no long-term commitments are required. 


    You’ll find our mobile check-in options, messaging,  payment, and prescription refill requests essential. 

    Service plans are available for clinics with 1 or 100+ locations and come with super easy web based training .



    See How It All Started

    Watch our quick 1-minute video to see how the service was developed to help animal hospitals during COVID-19. 

    We developed My Vet Services for safety, and our clinics kept it for convenience! 


    If you’d like a more in-depth look at how the service works, schedule a personal demo by clicking here



    Get a Personalized Demo

    If you’d like to find out more about our services and get a personalized demo you can schedule this online with our consulting team.  


    Each installation of My Vet Services is customized for every clinic so you can choose just what you want to offer and we’ll have you up in no time.